Waterfalls/Rivers in Each Parish You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

We’re all accustomed to the usual beach flex, but what about those days where you’re not too thrilled about hot sun, sand and overcrowded venues? For those who appreciate the occassional river outing to help “clean your heart”, the trip to a refreshing, natural stream may not be as far as you may think…

Bowden Hill/Falling Edge Falls – Kingston & St. Andrew
Located near the Hermitage Dam in Stony Hill, be prepared to do a bit of riding/hiking if you seek out this majestic treasure.


Mountain River Cave – St.Catherine

Located in the lush green terrains of Cudjoe Hill, it houses a large collection of art of Jamaica’s native inhabitants, the Tainos, and shows clues to their early existence.


Salt River – Clarendon

A favourite among residents of the town for a cool dip. After the highway toll booth, turn left at Sandy Bay and be blessed.

salt river-clarendon

Gut River – Manchester

A river, beach and small hamlet together on an isolated stretch of south facing coastline. The name is said by the locals to derive from the German word for good.

Breadnut Valley Falls – St. Elizabeth

From its entrance you wouldn’t imagine all this hidden beauty inside. It starts as a small, tucked waterfall flowing into a natural pool but as you hike just a few yards upwards you’ll find bigger, deeper cascades.

Mayfield Falls – Westmoreland

A nature lover’s paradise! Two beautiful waterfalls, twenty-one natural pools, fifty-two types of ferns and lots of exotic flowers, plant species, birds, butterflies and wildlife native to Jamaica.

Discovery Falls – Hanover

Nestled within a secluded mountain setting on the western part of Jamaica, Discovery Falls is situated in Silver Spring, fifteen minutes outside of Negril. Palm trees, waterfalls and beautiful gardens line lagoons from natural springs nestled on the edge of the mountain with 1000 feet of zip lines through the canopy of trees is the setting created.

discovery falls-hanover

Great River – St. James

The Great River is one of Jamaica’s major rivers,and forms the boundary of the parish of St James with Westmoreland and Hanover. It is greatly used for a relaxing rafting experience, along with zipling and river tubing.

Dornoch Head -Trelawny

The source of the Rio Bueno river. Off to the left side the spring water comes from a rock, and off to the right side of this pool the Rio Bueno river begins its descent to the sea.


Konoko Falls – St. Ann

Nestled in the hills of St. Ann overlooking the resort area of Ocho Rios, just five minutes away from the town centre.


Kwame Falls- St. Mary

If you ‘re up for a hike, swim, and discovering some beautiful parts of Jamaica via a peaceful, scenic and not-too-difficult path, this is for you. A mostly deep pool beneath the falls, with some very warm spots, is great for a refreshing dip.


Nanny Falls – Portland

Located in Moore Town, the falls are about a half hour to forty-minute hike and said to be worth it. Tucked away, the secluded waterfall plunges into a deep pool which is great for swimming in.nanny-falls


Reggae Falls – St. Thomas

Known by residents as “damhead”, the waterfall cascades  several feet to the Johnson River in Hillside, St Thomas to serve as a relaxing place for visitors wanting to spend an enjoyable day with nature.


70 Comments on Waterfalls/Rivers in Each Parish You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

  1. As a born Jamaican i appreciate this information of such hidden
    pearls of my native land. I know that we have a paradise
    but what lies within it all around i really would like to know.
    I surly would appreciate seeing a book of the the hidden path
    of our beautiful Island published.I am one person who seems to
    view the same places over and over. Thank you

  2. Good morning my fellow travellers, I enjoyed these postings very much.
    Sometimes I am saddened by the reflections, knowing I left all this behind for a land and people who are so hostile.Soak up as much as you can of all of God”s beautiful,serenity, wonderful and glorious creation, before you decide to migrate..Yeah, I am a country boy, and I miss it every waking moment..God is good and Awesome, praise. Him and gives thanks for everything.peace…

  3. Land of wood and water I knew of some but never seen or heard of quite a few of them beautiful is the onlyt word for them all

    • Howard Finlason // February 12, 2016 at 4:49 pm // Reply

      Hostile? Jamaicans are the friendliest people on earth! You have obviously not been home recently, you need to visit. Long gone is the hostility of the ’70s.

  4. Debbie Lack // October 3, 2015 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    They are beautiful I want to know where in Hanover to find one

  5. Coleen Henriques-Ernesta // October 4, 2015 at 12:31 pm // Reply

    I am a born Jamaican living abroad but more than half of these rivers and falls I do not know so thanks for the information and I will be visiting some of them on my next trip home.

  6. jacqueline hislop // October 4, 2015 at 1:15 pm // Reply

    Very informative. Will save for future use

  7. Carnel Messam // October 8, 2015 at 8:06 pm // Reply

    I am so excited and saddened at the same time to be reading about some of these natural sources of water that is ever present in our blessed country. I am excited as it has always been my belief that we have sufficient sources of water on the island to irrigate our farms and provide water for domestic use. On the other hand, I an equally saddened and annoyed that our government has not seen it fit to invest in the efficient and effective management of these water resources or the benefit of the nation. Will someone please tell me in any way, scientifically or otherwise, why there is constant drought in Jamaica? Those natural water sources are but a few that exist all around the island, yet farmers are suffering and the people have to be demonstrating for portable water..shame.

  8. Robert stepper // December 3, 2015 at 11:07 pm // Reply

    I remember learning in school that there was not a river in Manchester.not only that I also learnt that black river was the longest river.thanks for your info

  9. Barry Richards // January 19, 2016 at 10:48 pm // Reply

    Hermitage Dam is nowhere near Stony Hill, it is next to August Town, Elliston Flats, Hermitage and Mona/UWI.

  10. Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah // January 20, 2016 at 12:01 am // Reply

    Jamaica’s blessing is its abundant waterfalls. `I know some of these, and could add more, would love to visit Nanny Falls. PARADISE JAMAICA!!!

  11. Very informative, I look forward on visiting some of those sites on my next visit.

  12. Kwame Falls in St. Mary is a fine waterfall in a beautiful area of Jamaica.

  13. Andrea Miller // January 21, 2016 at 2:47 am // Reply

    Salt river don’t look that nice again

    • That’s sad. We really need to protect & care for our natural resources.

      • I agree about salt river. Went there last year and there was so much garbage along waters edge! Don’t the residents care? Don’t wish to go back.
        Our water resource just needs better management and GOJ need to stop selling off our heritage to the Chinese…!

  14. Amazing

  15. Chantelle Lindo // January 21, 2016 at 2:07 pm // Reply

    I need to visit that The Kwame Falls in St. Mary! I was born and raised in the parish but have never heard of it….. It is so beautiful as are all the other rivers……my beautiful paradise; Jamaica!

  16. richard groves // January 21, 2016 at 2:38 pm // Reply

    love this page love this country,,didnt know that manchester had any rivers,,,,,thanks

  17. I have to commend whoever put this gallery of beautiful locations together, as a Jamaican living abroad now for quite awhile, I was amazed to be enlightened of the existence of these beautifil exoctic locations , when I was back home I had travelled the island exhaustively for both business and leisure yet wasnt aware of all this, This put me in naustaloger. I am truly missing home, In fact seeing these have actually caused me to start making concrete planing to visit home , Thank you

  18. Dominique Duncan // January 21, 2016 at 7:20 pm // Reply

    Awesome but one small correction…cane river falls is not in st. Thomas. Its actually in st. Andrew. Turn off at the nine miles bulls bay police station. I’m from there so i know for a fact its location. Used to go there all the time. Popular hang out spot.

  19. Geezes …can i see some more please i niss home

  20. Interesting article but the falls a mentioned as being in St Thomas and Kingston are located in the PARISH of ST ANDREW. There are no waterfalls in Kingston and you probably should reference Reggae Falls In St Thomas.

  21. Manchester has three (3) major rivers and several tributaries. They are Guts River, Noisy River and Alligator Pond River. The Rio Minho River is the longest river in Jamaica, however, the Black River is the longest “Navigable” river in Jamaica. Jamaica is a beautiful country that can be enjoyed even if you are on a budget.

  22. great job of educating. Wonderful paradise Jamaica is

  23. There is a river in Manchester. The Black River also rises in MAnchester. Please remember that Auchtembeddie part of Oxford and Comfort Hall and Evergreen are in Manchester and they have tributaries of the Black River such as Noisy River not to mention ponds and springs

  24. Truly Beautiful magnificent priceless pearls indeed. We are truly wealthy. Thanks for the time and energy you devoted in putting it all together.
    thanks with every breath eye take.

  25. Andrew Blake // January 25, 2016 at 7:35 pm // Reply

    I question the accuracy of these pictures because I see in the collection a picture of YS fall in St. Elizabeth. Not saying the falls don’t exist but misrepresentation will not help in their discovery

    • Uh-oh! We had gotten that image from two popular Jamaica-themed websites. Thanks for letting us know, updated 🙂

  26. Carol Pessoa // January 30, 2016 at 8:40 pm // Reply

    Thank you so much for the enlightening me, I had no clue I know my country is beautiful. This is gorgeous, Love it that’s my Jamaica land of paradise.

  27. David Jackson // February 11, 2016 at 7:12 pm // Reply

    Great information, thank you.

    But, did I miss something? What about Dun’s River Falls?

    • Dunn’s River is the island’s most popular falls. This post highlights waterfalls/rivers that are beautiful but aren’t the most known.

  28. Glen Hinckson // February 12, 2016 at 12:22 am // Reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Undoubtedly, Land of wood and water. Thanks for the enlightenment. Never knew we had it so good. I f we could harness some of this water before it all runs to the sea. Without disrupting nature, of course.

  29. I am amazed! Is there any plan to protect these resources? Jamaica is certainly a very beautiful country.

  30. When I viewed your profoundly awesome collection of waterfalls, rivers, lagoons, etc. “not well known” in Jamaica, my heart, mind, body, soul, and passion are insatiably ravished to know that this is the Jamaica-the pearl of the Caribbean, and by extension, the world, I left behind–thanks for your immaculate presentation of GOD’S awesome Creation. I’ll be back home soon to enjoy them all. God bless you, keep up the great work.

  31. Amazing! Remarkable! Unforgettable! It’s embarrassing to realize that there are so very many samples of paradise that I did not know existed. I shall make up for this shortcoming at every opportunity.

  32. Jamaica land of wood and water. Yet there is a Minister of NO WATER

  33. I could not believe this is in Jamaica just when I thought I saw it all u know I do travel a lot and all the country’s I have travel have nothing as ja and now I can really say ja is the best thanks

    • Verdada Campbell // March 7, 2016 at 4:58 am // Reply

      The Hermitage Dam is in Stony Hill. There is a district called Hermitage near to UWI,Mona.

  34. I could not believe that this is ja thanks I tell u I have the best country lov it

  35. Eric and Kay DePASS // February 26, 2016 at 10:55 pm // Reply


  36. What a lot of lovely photographs of this beautiful country. I wish we would appreciate what God has given us and take care of the environment.

  37. Lovely falls, I knew my country has some of the most beautiful
    Places in the world .
    I have travelled the world so I can make this comment
    With my views!!
    But the bad news is, no roads!!!!! Poor driving condition
    To get to them, so can we do a group helicopter tour??
    Cook out, curry lobsters, dip and fall back!
    Steam engine scale? Yeh what’s that?
    A lot discovery to be made about that little GEM

  38. Jamaica is an university for the learn to use as an example
    For people with resilience

  39. I run an off the beaten track tour company in Jamaica and have been to all of these falls. You will find blogs on a few of them on my website. In reading all the comments from Jamaicans abroad, I feel profoundly lucky to be able to visit these places often. I am sorry for your exile.

  40. Alfred b Cardozo // March 29, 2016 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    Thank you for this value info&pictures,Love it & Wish the Goverment would protect the valuable beauty of
    Jamaica & fix the city roads so that more people would visit &tour these natural beauty in safety.

  41. I didn’t see Fish Dunn Falls in the hills of Portland featured….equally breathtaking. It’s a tortuous long hike to get there, but worth it.

  42. thanks for sharing, so many of us hav not had the opportunity to visit these beautiful places in our homeland. It sometimes takes going home for a vacation and especially if we take friends along we invest the time to “showoff” our Island to our visitors. It’s wonderful to see it just for myself and enjoy the satisfaction and pride in being a daughter of Jamaica…Land we Love.


  44. Neville Barrett // April 13, 2016 at 4:42 am // Reply

    Thank u for this beautiful collage of some of Jamaica’s little known coves of paradise.
    When I go home in 2017, I will visit a few of these sights in addition to Salt River.

    • Some of the smaller rivers shown are actually seasonal and run dry during the hot summer months, same time Kingston’s faucets also tend to run dry.

  45. Are these the none profit water that Mr. Pickersgil sold? please can someone tell me that would be so sad as a little old Jamaican I have been asking this question for quite a while and really need to know.

  46. What about those lovely beasts called crocodiles ? Aren’t some of them in the same environment as some of those south coast falls. Just checking.

  47. Well done. One small bit of information for those who have used the words,”engine scale” it is really indian kale.

  48. Henry Chang // July 11, 2016 at 3:18 am // Reply

    I was born , and lived in this Land of Wood and Water for 40 yrs. and never knew of these Beautiful places, now in the last remaining yrs. I learn of these Exotic and wonderful Waterfalls. I hope one day I will be able to go and enjoy.

  49. Many, many years ago my father took us, his children, to a waterfall in the hills of Clarendon. Would love to go back there but I don’t know the name of the area or the directions. Has anyone ever heard about an undeveloped waterfall in the hills of Clarendon?

  50. I’d particularly love to visit and even set out to complete this list. Do your research, I know one i definitely would not tell anyone to go, especially a tourist, is reggae falls. The drive/hike is not worth it especially since there are no signs and if locals aren’t around you’re guaranteed to get lost (as we did). There is no ‘view’ or ‘scenery’, just a dirty river and a huge dam that actually can’t be viewed without swimming through deep water or hiking up hill. Just not worth it. Salt river is a much better alternative

  51. What about Somerset Falls in Portland? I love it there!

  52. I did know that so many falls exist in Jamaica

  53. Discovery Falls has been closed for about 2 years, and was not a natural waterfall, man made. However, there was a spring there. Too bad.

    • Really? That’s too bad, know someone who visited and they quite enjoyed it at the time too. Thanks for the update!

  54. Antonette Headley // August 17, 2017 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    Well!Well! these waterfalls are oh so beautiful. I am on a mission to discover more of this island’s hidden treasures. I am so glad to add a few more such waterfalls to my list. I visited Reach Falls a few days ago and I am still lost in its awesome beauty. We all need to absorb more of our country Jamaica.

  55. You should really edit these photos and state who the photographers are. I took the Kwame Falls picture, and I am just seeing it here for the first time. Please add below my photo: Photo taken by Neil E. Williams.

    • Thanks Neil, will do. Many of the images were found in a folder with no cited source. Will conduct a search to try pinpoint the source of each. Great image by the way!

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