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Jamaican Christmas

Sun Island Jamaica Christmas Sun Island Jamaica Christmas has noted that there is a lot flying around the social media about how, or how not to, greet acquaintances or colleagues during the holiday season. Seems that not everyone appreciates being wished a Merry Christmas, but is that actually true? The feeling in this small […]

Jamaican Christmas Cheer

Sun Island Jamaica – Greetings Sun Island Jamaica – Greetings was thinking about helping those around the world who may be searching for a little Jamaican ChrisMas cheer, which can easily be found in Jamaica music. Here are a few recordings of Jamaican Christmas songs that we found on YouTube. There is, of course, a […]

Holiday Events You Can Host

Every year at this time, many families gather for at least a day to share their time and a succulent meal as one. While nothing beats a traditional family Christmas dinner, if you would like to spend this merry time with family and/or friends on other occasions besides food, here are a few ideas: Host […]

Christmas Jamaican Style – What Christmas in Jamaica is Like

It’s December! And for a lot of Jamaicans (Sun Island included), it’s a happy time and the Christmas spirit is very much alive. Many of Jamaica’s Christmas traditions stem from the British part of our history, but have been spiced with our own local flavour. Here’s a few things that commemorate the festive season in […]

Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List

Most of us face the same problem every year with Christmas shopping: “what should I give [insert loved one here] this year?”; Wondering where do you begin to shop, especially when you try to not fall into the rot of purchasing similar gifts for the same persons time after time. Hopefully this will help you […]

What's your 'Culcha'?

So, what is Sun Island Jamaica’s Culcha? It is a line of clothing influenced by the music of Jamaica: Reggae. The line includes Reggae wear, Rock Steady by the late Michelle Haynes, and Third World Band wear. The name is derived from a play on the word ‘culture’, spelled the way it sounds when said in a typical […]