Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sun Island Jamaica endorses Reggae Month

Reggae Month is recognized worldwide in the month of February, and being in the birthplace of Reggae (Jamaica) it was only right that we make our contribution to pay homage to the great music genre. Sun Island Jamaica again partnered with the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA), who organized the month-long festivities for the 8th […]

Jamaican Math Achievements

Sun Island Jamaica Culcha Sun Island Jamaica Culcha would like to join in saying a big congratulation to Achsah Wildish for scoring the highest GCE AS-Level math grades in the WORLD for 2015. Our brilliant protagonist scored 100 percent in her AS-math exam: there were two exams, one in pure mathematics, which studies abstract concepts […]

How Clothes Can Make or Break Your Workout

Wearing the proper clothes for a workout or physical activity can affect one’s safety, performance, and physical and mental drive. If you are not comfortable with how you feel during the session, it will affect the rest of your performance. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes as to not contribute to discomfort and […]

Golfing In Jamaica

Mandeville Golf Sun Island Jamaica Resort Wear blogger saw an item on Facebook the other day, or rather a photo of the golf course in Mandeville. We were being reminded that this golf course is the oldest golf course in the Western Hemisphere; something we were not aware of, although another said it was the […]

Zika Virus Information

Culcha of Zika Sun Island Jamaica Culcha notes that use of Culture or Culcha can be effective in reaching out to others through writing, speaking, comedy, poetry, music, painting to tackle an issue in an original way to raise awareness or to inform. All over the news there are articles about the Zika virus. For […]