Company Overview

At Sun Island Jamaica we take pride in our business. For over 50 years the company has been manufacturing, importing and distributing world-class souvenir, licensed, plain and customized apparel products, as well as novelty items.

The company offers an extensive range of products for ladies, men and kids. Our clients will find that they can have their casual, resort, promotional and corporate wear needs filled at internationally-competitive rates, with a good turnaround time. This feat is supported by Sun Island’s full package services, which includes in-house production of souvenir and customer artwork, textile screen printing, pattern making, cutting and apparel sewing operations, and embroidery and digitizing services.

At Sun Island Jamaica it’s all about creating or providing the product that the customer wants. Not only do we provide hundreds of great plain and decorated products to choose from, but we give our customers the flexibility of creating and designing their t-shirtusing our design your own tee portal. We will print your design on our locally manufactured apparel, which is expertly styled and made from premium knit fabrics.

Due to our close work with Jamaican suppliers across the island, Sun Island Jamaica also offers many Jamaican craft souvenirs, wood carvings, ceramics, watercolour paintings, jewelry, dolls, books and much more


Our product line includes kids wear, ladies and men’s fashion, and corporate wear, plus a host of souvenir and novelty items all with a touch of Jamaica. The line boasts cotton and blended casual-knitted leisure wear, woven products, golf / polo shirts, t-shirts, performance wear, shorts, yoga pants, caps, novelties and accessories.

Over the years the company has developed a strong line of products renowned for their unique designs and quality.  These products are marketed under a number of well know brands including:

  • CULCHA with sub-brands Reggae Wear, Third World and Rock Steady


Sun Island’s CULCHA brand is 100% Jamaican, and brings you our Jamaican roots. This line of clothing is authentic, roots reggae apparel made in Jamaica and inspired by our indigenous reggae music, Rastafarian and Jamaican culture.

This brand carries 3 sub-brands namely, Reggae Wear, Rock Steady and Third World. The Rock Steady sub-brand celebrates a hallmark in Jamaican music, the Rock Steady rhythm of the mid 1960’s. Third World is a fresh line of clothing for Reggae Ambassadors Third World.

Designed and made in Jamaica, Sun Island’s JAMAICA WEAR is all you need to identify with our island. Customers can proudly share the national spirit in this line of apparel.


Wearing SUN ISLAND RESORT WEAR, customers can relax, unwind and channel our pulsating island rhythm. This line of products is inspired by our fun-loving Jamaica “no problem” heritage.

Our Services

  • Provision of souvenir and custom artwork
  • Custom logo decoration
  • Textile screen printing
  • Embroidery and digitizing
  • Pattern making
  • Product Design
  • Cutting and apparel sewing operations
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Private Labeling


The company currently has ten locations island-wide, situated in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Mandeville. Our main facilities are located in Kingston, Jamaica at 32 Old Hope Road and 45 Molynes Road. At these places we concentrate on our embellished value added operations, warehousing, sales, purchasing, finance and general administration. The remaining locations are comprised of retail and wholesale outlets in key resort and corporate areas that sell to a wide range of customers.


Sun Island has an extensive local client base comprised primarily of resort specialty shops, hotel gift shops and retail department stores. Our clients are serviced by full-time sales representatives. 

Over the years, we’ve also enjoyed a strong export market, primarily in the Caribbean region. Our Caribbean client profile is very similar to that of Jamaica and comprises of resort specialty shops, airport shops, hotel gift shops, retail department stores, and corporate custom and apparel promotion companies. Our Caribbean clientele is based in the following countries: Antigua, St Lucia, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominica, St Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and St Kitts. We have a fully staffed export department that has years of expertise in sales, shipping logistics, export documentation, and customs procedures.

With the introduction of our online store, we have expanded our export market and now serve customers all around the world.