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25 Perfect Outfit Pieces for Reggae Festivals

We chose 25 of our most fitting apparel to help you plan your outfit for any upcoming reggae festival. Proudly made in Jamaica! Jamaica is home to reggae, which has been greatly adapted on the global scale both musically and culturally. The highly-anticipated Reggae Sumfest stage show has been our most popular reggae event, dubbed ‘The greatest reggae show on […]

Jamaican Patois Origins

Sun Island Jamaica – Patois In this Sun Island Jamaica blog post we will attempt to explain how we speak in Jamaica. It is called Jamaica Patois, but we have come to understand that linguists call how we speak Jamaican Creole. What you hear on the street, in the market, when Jamaicans anywhere in the […]

For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica

For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica This time we will tell you about For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica. You click on Clothing and from the drop-down menu you can select Kids, where you will find T-shirts, Golf shirts, Caps and Dresses. Starting with this pretty purple Sun Island Jamaica IRIE t-shirt, we remind our […]

Jamaican Marijuana Facts

T-Shirts and Culcha As you know Sun Island Jamaica is promotes Jamaican culture or culcha, as we prefer to spell and say it in Jamaica. Here we take a look at the slowly changing laws governing the use of Cannabis or Ganja in Jamaica, or as we write today Tee-shirts and Culcha. Note this information […]

T- Shirts Dem!

Sun Island Jamaica – Tee Shirt Memories  A friend of Sun Island Jamaica tee shirts was listening to a bunch of friends talk about their tee shirt memories. You know the kind? Those favorite tee-shirts that you can’t bring to throw out because somehow over the years they have grown into your life and as […]

Jamaican Wear

 Jamaican Wear Sun Island Jamaica Wear includes all those products in the colors of our flag, yellow, black and yellow. What could be better than showing up to cheer on our team at the Olympics than in the proud colors of our flag. You can find them here: The range includes sizes for children […]