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Jamaican Film Festival

Sun Island Jamaica Culcha this time in the blog post we take a look at film-making in Jamaica. One very important initiative is the University of the West Indies Community Film Project (UWICFP) which is behind the GATFFEST Film Festival. Back in 2015 there was an article about Ricardo Williams from Greater August Town who […]

Farm Up Jamaica

Neil Curtis – Farm Up Jamaica Sun Island Jamaica Culcha blog post notes some good work being done by one in the Jamaican diaspora. What he is doing has been written up in a couple of articles in the Jamaica Gleaner, he is behind a non-profit organization called Farm Up Jamaica Ltd and his objective […]

Sun Island – Usain Bolt

Bolt Documentary One of our writers for the Sun Island Jamaica Culcha Notes blog posts noted a good article about Usain Bolt and sport in Jamaica where we are reminded about the documentary being made about our super star sprinter, which started filming in Jamaica in May. The documentary will cover his training for the […]

The Stars of Jamaica

Sun Island Jamaican Poets Sun Island Jamaica Culcha finds that if you want to have a nice surprise enter ‘Jamaican poets’ into your preferred search engine. A banner appears of some familiar and not so familiar names and their photos. We can give you only a clip. Image: Seems we have every kind of […]

Jamaican Research on Marijuana

Ganja Research Seeing that in some states of the United States and in some countries of the world lawmakers are taking another look at ganja and opening up to its personal use or for medical reasons, the writer for Sun Island Jamaica Culcha thought we could spend a few paragraphs remembering the important work of […]

Sun Island Culcha – Opera Singers

Sun Island Jamaica Culcha A friend just relayed a question put to her by an Italian. Are there any Jamaican opera singers? So, we of the Sun Island Jamaica Culcha blog spot set about to look into this. Yes, Jamaica is known far and wide for sun, sea and reggae, and really a lot else […]