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Sports Wear and Casual Wear for School and Workk-5

About this time a lot of us are preparing to start back at school, university or work. Some of us are maybe starting a new job, or going to university or college for the first time. So here we will just relax and tell you about some of our fine new sports wear and casual clothing.
Photo: Kids Printed Cotton Tee: Made in Jamaica

New Items

When you open the Sun Island Jamaica web site be sure to click on our New Items ( to see what we have recently designed for your wearing pleasure in sports wear and casual clothing.
For example, here is a really fine snap-back baseball cap taking our Jamaican flag as our inspiration.


Photo: Brush Cotton Snapback Cap

Tee-Shirts s

Here we have a tee-shirt with a phrase lifted straight out of our National anthem…. Jamaica Land We Love, where the love is understood because we have a hard shaped flag of Jamaica, and for those who wish to be reminded, once again, here is the last line of the Jamaica National Anthem: Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.
A note from the Jamaica Observer 0n 18 October 2011 reminds us:
“The National Anthem, completed only days before Jamaica’s independence on August 6, 1962, is the creative work of four persons — the late Rev Hugh Sherlock, the late Robert Lightbourne, Mapletoft Poulle and the then Mrs Poulle (now remarried to Raymond Lindo).”
Apart from telling you about our sports wear and casual clothing we have given you the link to the article in the Jamaica Observer for those interested in the background to the Jamaica National Anthem and note there is a mention about the young Bob Marley creating the lyrics to Night Shift (
Given the success of the Jamaica Team in the Olympics, I think we can all return to our respective lives glowing in their reflected glory … we think we can all be proud to be Jamaican or, why not? Even to know someone who is Jamaican or having once set foot in Jamaica.

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