For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica

For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica

kid-1This time we will tell you about For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica. You click on Clothing and from the drop-down menu you can select Kids, where you will find T-shirts, Golf shirts, Caps and Dresses.

Starting with this pretty purple Sun Island Jamaica IRIE t-shirt, we remind our international visitors that Irie means ‘alright’ in Jamaican patois.kid-2

What better way to tell your children that everything about them is IRIE. You can find the t-shirt here (

Another great t-shirt is the Kids Jamaican color block t, which you can find here (

There are a few variations to this color block shirt so there is much to choose from.

For Kids for FUN

kid-3Maybe your quickly growing children are not yet playing golf, or even thinking about it, but here is a smartly designed shirt, from For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica – cool and fun to wear in the sun, designed right for boys and girls (

In the hot summer sun, or in the heat of Jamaica, For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica says you should remember to cover their heads.kid-4

So this cap should fit ( No Problem, one of the expressions you will probably hear when visiting Jamaica.

Dresses For Kids from Sun Island Jamaica

Did we tell you that we also have dresses for Kids from Sun Island Jamaica?

What else would you wish for your children than for them to be happy! Here is the Girl’s jersey tank dress with large and useful pockets.

Here we think of our friendly bees “Bee Happy”, with one happy flying honeybee.

Our dress comes in cheerful, bright pink (



If you would rather give a gift that is not clothing to your son, daughter, niece or nephew or grand kids Sun Island Jamaica has a selection of pretty dolls.

You can choose from the Tropical Babe doll, Chubby Renee Doll or classically dressed Ms. Jamaica doll, which we show here (






For the practical child, there are the Sun Island Jamaica rasta pencils (, shown here).



If you really, but really don’t find exactly what you want for your best loved child then create them their very own originally designed t-shirt (

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