Jamaican Holiday Recipes and Traditions


Sun Island Jamaica – holidays are just around the corner, so we thought we would add a list of all the food we would like to be eating at this time of year. Such as, for one, plantain tarts served warm on a plate with a little ice cream.

If you are in the cold, then you may be wanting hot chocolate or ‘chahklit tea’, but I can tell you that the cold version is just as tasty served over ice with a touch of rum to give it that extra zing.

Jamaican Chahklit tea is usually made with fresh grated chocolate, to which you add cinnamon, All spice or (pimento berries) and nutmeg all cooked in milk and water, which is brought to the boil. Add brown sugar and or condensed milk to sweeten.

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Sun Island Jamaica won’t worry so much about the main courses, but we would like to mention curry goat and we already know that we want rice and peas, breadfruit cooked in any way and green banana served with just about everything.

And then of course there is ginger beer, rum punch and sorrel. You can’t forget that, everyone has their own recipe, some are closely guarded. One secret includes a little hot pepper added to the rum punch.

Then there is Jamaica Christmas cake, full of fruit and rum, again everyone has their own recipe depending on family traditions.

Jamaican food is full of flavor, Jamaican cooks can rely on All spice, ginger, tamarind, nutmeg and our fiercely hot pepper. Don’t forget the jerk chicken or pork, some Jamaicans in ‘foreign’ serve jerked turkey to their guests at Christmas.

Others dream of the taste of mackerel rundown, especially that kind made with creamy coconut and hot pepper.

Photo of curry goat and rice and peas by ChildofMidnight via Wiki Media https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Curry_Goat_with_rice_and_peas_(in_this_case_kidney_beans).jpg

Recipe Suggestions

For those Sun Island Jamaica blog post readers who want to see how to make a genuine Jamaican Rum Fruit cake here is Chef Ricardo with his recipe on You Tube (here https://youtu.be/coKHiHLsp2M).

Big hint; soak your fruit for six months first! Ok, so you are a little late for this year, but you can get a head start on next year. Another big hint, browning sauce can be made from scratch and the active ingredient is caramelized sugar.

Here is an alternative recipe from Wiki How that also explains how to soak the fruit, from one day to two weeks: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Jamaican-Rum-Cake.


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