Olympic Culcha in Jamaica

Olympic Culcha in Jamaica

elaineHere are a few words about Olympic Culcha in Jamaica. Before that though, all around the world wherever there are Jamaicans they are being congratulated on the wins made by Team Jamaica.

Fe tru!
Also congratulations to Team Jamaica and you must have read about the New York airport that was shut down when our man Usain Bolt crossed the finish line first in the 100 m and the banging and the clapping that rose up was thought to be gun shots going off.

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Team Jamaica

As happened the last time Team Jamaica cut such fine figures at the Olympics in London, people are asking about how come and why Jamaican’s are such winners.
Olympic Culcha in Jamaica has noted a few articles about this over the last few days and so we will list a few of the main ingredients that have been distilled by other folks with better brains and resources than your blog poster here. The first is it is not down to genetics, or the food, as in breadfruit and yam. The first main reason people are citing for Jamaica’s success on the track is CULTURE, or should be write Culcha.
Apparently, we in Jamaica have a culcha of competing, we are individually competitive. Not only that but the second big reason that Jamaicans are successful on the track is the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association Boys and Girls Athletics Championship or Champs. It is said to be the proving ground for successful Jamaican athletes.
The third reason is that track, unlike other sports is fairly cheap to do. You basically can arrive dressed in your shorts and tee-shirt and running shoes. You don’t need any other special equipment other than yourself.

Jamaica Wins

Olympic Culcha in Jamaica quotes from an article in The New York Times on The Secret of Jamaica’s Runners by Orlando Patterson on 13 August 2016 cites “Jamaicans’ combative individualism” which results in “extreme self reliance”. Continue reading the main story, here http://nyti.ms/2bpGzvK.

The Australians are saying much about the same thing, in an article in Business Insider, Australia, they cite a gentleman by the name of Yannis Pitsiladis who believes, “Jamaica dominates world sprinting because of their talent discovery system”. The article talks about Jamaica having a strong track and field infrastructure and about Jamaica just being is crazy about sprinting. For the article you can go here: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/jamaica-olympic-track-explanation-2016-8
So, anyway, we are just proud, as always to be Jamaican.

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