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Sun Island offers a wide variety of plain t-shirts, polos or oxford shirts. Not only can this selection be used in your daily life, but it can also be customized for a professional appearance. We offer 100% cotton t shirts. Our 100% cotton is light weight and cozy, making it the perfect fit for any occasion.

We also offer 50% cotton, 50 % polyester t-shirts.

Our 100% polyester t-shirts are perfect for the gym and sporting activities. These t-shirts are ideal for hot environments with high humidity levels.

For polos, we offer a 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester mix. These can be used in many facets of day to day life. They are ideal for both work and leisure wear. They can be easily embroidered and will give your staff a professional look, while offering extreme comfort in the process.

Our 100% polyester polos, which we call performance wear, are perfect for hot days, and are extremely durable. They are perfect for people who are constantly on the go, and for those that live in countries with tropical climate.

We also offer a wide selection of coloured Twill and Oxford products. These include both short and long sleeve.

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