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Mandeville is the capital of the parish of Manchester in Jamaica, and was set out in 1816 and named after Viscount Mandeville, the son of the Duke of Manchester, who at the time was Governor of Jamaica.

Mandeville, is known for its cool(er) climate, which maybe because it is up in the hills and is the only parish capital that is not on the coast. Sun Island Jamaica in Mandeville says that some describe it as the most English town in Jamaica.

 Sun Island Jamaica in Mandeville sights

Mandeville perhaps has the oldest golf course in Jamaica, which was founded in 1868 as the Manchester Golf Club. Norman Manley, the founder of the Jamaica People’s National Party, and premier from 1955 to 1962 was born at a place called Roxborough, the house burned down but the site is maintained by the Jamaica Heritage Trust. Norman Manley married Edna, an English-born artist, and their younger son Michael went on to become Jamaica’s prime minister from 1972 to 1980 and from 1989 to 1992.

Sun Island Jamaica in Mandeville suggests

crooksSun Island Jamaica in Mandeville suggests that some others born in Mandeville include General Degree, the dance-hall deejay and record producer and Charmaine Crooks, five time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist. She was born in Mandeville but represented Canada for around twenty years in athletics.


runThen there is Nestor Carter, also born in Mandeville, who won Gold at the London Olympics in 2012 for the 4×100 relay and gold in Moscow in 2013. Here he is seen running in 2010 at the Memorial Van Damme in Brussels, Belgium.



Finally, Sun Island Jamaica in Mandeville suggests the Irie Vibes tee-shirt as part of your sportswear. As you can see it comes with the Jamaican flag and the Jamaican motto: Out of Many, One People, something we could all remember. Together we can win!jamaica



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