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Sun Island Jamaica – Tee Shirt Memories t

A friend of Sun Island Jamaica tee shirts was listening to a bunch of friends talk about their tee shirt memories. You know the kind?

Those favorite tee-shirts that you can’t bring to throw out because somehow over the years they have grown into your life and as many memories are attached to that almost cotton rag to clean house with, as that box of family photos you take time to go through every so often to take a look at great-aunt Pada, the one that cousin Din Din looks so much like. Now, the same can’t be said for a tee shirt, who looks like one of your old tee shirts? No one. However they seem to hang in there becoming part of your life.
Image: Culcha Reggae Wear in heavyweight printed cotton: https://www.sunislandjamaica.com/men/364-irie-vibes-men-tee.html

Tee Shirt Story

One friend remembered how his mother attempted to throw his favorite tee-shirt out and every day after school he would check in the trash bin just to see what was in there. His old tee shirt was there, that was what.

He took it out, washed it carefully, dried it and hid it where he knew his Mom wouldn’t find it. Who knows if he still has that old shirt still.
Then there is the one that was given by the brother who moved away, bright turquoise faded over time to soft blue. Who was this one made by … it was a Sun Island Jamaica tee shirt. Now we are told it has gone into semi-retirement and is now worn as a getting out of the shower nightshirt, worn soft and cool over the shoulders.
Then there is that fluorescent pink tee shirt that a sister gave as a gift. This too was worn, washed, worn again. The receiver thrilling to the bright pink in the grey country she had gone to live. To cheer herself on the innumerable cold, wet, rainy days she would wear it under her grey business suit and feel bright and sunny all day. Where did this tee shirt come from? You guessed, it was a Sun Island Jamaica tee shirt.

Sun Island Jamaica – Reggae Wear

Just to end, another one, black heavy cotton, embroidered in multi-color threads, too hot to wear on a hot day, but divine when the wind gets a little too chilly, early in the morning or in the evening, when it gently gusts across the surface of the rippling waters, rustling the fronds of the coconut tree, you reach for the heavy cotton tee-shirt and slip it on and feel warm in its soft embrace.
This is why people give tee shirts as gifts, because they are fun, comfortable and who knows, perhaps this Sun Island Jamaica tee shirt will become woven into someone’s life, into their memories.

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