9 Easy-Peasy Ways to Upcycle Old T-shirts

We all have a tee (or tees) sitting in our drawer or closet not being worn for one reason or another. If it’s in good enough condition that you don’t want to throw it away, and you don’t decide to donate it, here are a few ways you can transform it into something more appealing…

A Simple Dress


via Buzzfeed

A Fashionably-Unique Necklace


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A Tee Bag


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Pillows with Character


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Cut & Weave It


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Cool Canvas Collection


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Just Add To It!

Get some fabric paint & hand-paint a design on it, find embellishments at craft stores to decorate it, or sew on a pocket with a trendy fabric.


Via Whale You Be My Friend


Have you tried any of these DIY projects, or have any similar t-shirt projects of your own?

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